"Divine Love" Energy Mist - balances your energy and infuses it with the energy and vibration of the Divine Unconditional Love.
Cost: $20
"Purity" Energy Mist - releases negativity & low vibrations from your energy while it infuses it with the highest level of purity, integrity & love.
Cost: $20
"Rejuvenation" Energy Mist - rejuvenates, restores, balances and grounds your energy & your energetic field.
Cost:   $20
"Prosperity" Energy Mist - creates vibrations within your energy that help with attracting prosperity, abundance & creative ideas.
Cost: $20
"Personalized" Energy Mist - all personalized mists are created based on your own individual energy and energetic needs. Your energy will be intuitively tuned into, scanned and read to create an energetic charge that will be most beneficial to you at that given time. 
Cost:   $45

All Purity of Soul Essencess TM  are created and energetically charged by Sarah Kent.

Fragrances will not be constant and will change with each batch. All fragrances are created from pure essential oils only.