Note:  Chakra/Aura Clearing is the first required sessions before proceeding to any following clearing or removal sessions with the exception of healing sessions.

CHAKRA/AURA CLEARING (includes Karma Clearing)  
Releases negativity from our chakras and aura. Unclean aura and chakras may be a cause of sluggishness, lack of energy, depression, poor sleep, negativity, pain (emotional or physical), excess weight, sense of loneliness, etc. Also releases past and present life’s tragic or negative memories and energies which may cause phobias, negativity, stress, depression, excess weight, emotional issues, physical illness, financial issues, romantic issues, etc.
This is a powerful way to clear and re-program your cell's memory. Your cells remember everything from your previous incarnations, present and past life's traumas, illnesses, guilt, financial problems, anxieties, phobias and so much more. Although I have been using cell memory clearings withing all karma and chakra/aura clearings, it is at the recommendation of my guides to create a separate treatment of it and work with it on a deeper and more powerful level.
This clearing is designed to help your cells release negative frequencies and memories individually. It addresses every single cell of your body and helps it clear all that does not serve it at that given time.  
We all have a Light body, also called "merkabah", which is a light vehicle that is necessary to our ascension. Activating this Light body and clearing its associated chakras assists us in re-balancing of our electromagnetic field, in restoring and healing of our 12 strand (or more) DNA, in removing energetic implants, in grounding through the Source, as well as it connects us more efficiently to our Higher Selves and the Source.
This clearing removes your energetic implants from your chakras and other parts of your body. These implants are usually crystals, geometrical & spinning objects, or metal like structures. These implants usually cause the inability to expand one's consciousness to a higher level, to rise our vibration, and to gain a deeper understanding of life and life's purpose on emotional and mental level.
This is an advanced stress reduction, relaxation and healing technique that leads to the release of the physical, emotional, mental and psychic related issues. 
This is a conversion process from your 3D or "Old Energy" Chakra System to your MD (Multi Dimensional) "New Energy" Chakra System through the removal of each individual chakra. I started to receive the information on this new system in the spring of 2011. This information is being delivered by the archangels and guides including archangels Michael and Raphael. Individuals with removed chakras have reported reduction of fear, stress, unbalanced emotions, overeating, etc. These individuals are also experiencing increased intuition, clairvoyance, sense of knowing, peace, calmness, higher sense of well being, etc.
Note:  Chakra/Aura clearing is required prior to the beginning of the removal process.
Please contact me for more details on this treatment.
This therapy is a clearing through sound. Sound clearing promotes healing through the various sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, tingshas and other sounds. Tones and sounds are played intuitively through out your session. 
This healing/clearing session allows your animals/pets to heal and rejuvenate.
Allows one to have a glimpse into the future,past, and present issues, reveals blockages in your life path as well as their solutions, and much more.
Answers questions you may have about the spiritual realm, chakras, angels, vivid dreams, etc.
Removes negativity and low energies from premises. Restores balance, happiness and positive feelings and energies.
Restores a proper flow of energy inside or outside of homes and properties. Improper energy flows can cause blockages in health, wealth, career, relationships, creativity, abundance and many other areas of our lives.

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