Chakra Time Wellness
Spring 2014

The Earth, at this moment, is releasing very strong energy due to the change in the speed of spin in the crust vs. the core of the planet. This has been releasing some interesting energy which will effect your physical body in a strong way. This energy change will last for another 2 to 3 weeks (approximately).

The following are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing:

- sudden flu or cold symptoms
- heavy/strange cough
- increased frequency/intensity of asthma attacks
- respiratory issues/discomforts
- some joint pains/inflammation (especially in the wrists, knees, ankles)
- troubles with ovulating
- strong or unusual menses
- head pressures (especially the top half of your head) - this is from your cranial plates trying to expand (this will enlarge your head a worries, people won't notice)
- feeling funny in your head - from a higher blood & oxygen flow to your head/widening of blood vessels in your head/brain
- dizziness & inability to walk straight
- colon detoxing - this will cause your belly to rumble and possibly bringing on a diarrhea
- throat might feel like it's closing up or is tight; you might have troubles speaking
- need for more oxygen within your whole body
- shivers/fever like chills
- pain in the soles of your feet
- overall tightness in the body
- unusual body temperature changes
- in some cases confusion
- higher then usual sensitivity to pressure changes - this may bring on migraine like headaches
- high level of detoxification through kidneys (DRINK LOTS OF WATER!)
- overall body is feeling heavier than usual
- getting into conflicts which somehow "magically" get resolved quickly & peacefully without much effort
- experiencing edginess overlayed by peacefulness (very interesting sensation/combination)
- feeling lazy and not feeling like doing much - your body feels like it's recovering from something
- worrying slightly less
- loosing interest in drama; beginning to avoid drama
- feeling need for joy

These are the basic symptoms you may be experiencing. You may have other symptoms as well. It will all pass, but for now drink lots of water and eat plenty of organic fruits & veggies.

You might also notice a strong/sudden change in sleeping patterns. Most likely you will need less sleep and still feel energetic. If your sleep is either heavier or longer, it is because your body is detoxing heavily/intensely.


April 12, 2012


TRUTH....what is Truth...really...and is there such a thing? Well according to the angelic realm there is.

No matter what you think truth is, no matter what definition you give it, the TRUTH is only one.....TRUTH "equals and is" PURITY!!!

That's's that simple...the Truth lies within Purity, and Purity lies within Love....

If we all act within Purity, we all act within Truth....meaning....we act within LOVE:)

And what is LOVE??? Love is the All that you see & don't see, Love is the known & the unknown, Love is all there is:):):)

.....meditate on this....the Wisdom in these few words is Great!!!

With Love & Light,
Sarah & the Angels United

April 12, 2012


I have just received a message regarding our consciousness. So it is not just about the veil that separates us from consciously and fully realizing our who and what we are, but it's also the fragmented pieces of the consciousness that we are at this moment, that are being manipulated and divided into many little pieces through programming, fear manipulation, violence and other traumatic manipulation and desensitization.

All this is to accomplish the splitting and dividing of our consciousness even further than what it is when we are born. Why??? So that we can be emotionally and mentally desensitized and manipulated, and turned into human machines. The message/knowing that I received just now says that this is the one and only true weapon that the dark side can use effectively to gain control over the only thing it is after...our consciousness/energy/power.

As our consciousness becomes fragmented and broken into pieces it diminishes our powers which we all posses and which we carry throughout our eternal lifetimes.

This is the true to speak....that has been going on within the multi-universal, multi-dimensional and galactic systems. This is what is going on right now in space....a battle, not a war, over interesting!!!

Why do you think that most of the TV shows nowadays have a very explicit sexual content? Why is there so much more violence and mind programming content on TV, in poster ads, commercials, etc. than there ever was before? And not to mention the subliminal content in all movies, TV shows, poster and such, that your eyes cant's even see.

It is there to desensitize us, to open up and to overwhelm our root, sacral and solar plexus chakras so they become out of balance and obsessed with materialism, mind controlled and programmed sub-ordinance, emotional and mental instability, etc. All this causes fragmentation of your mind, a confusion that your consciousness is unable to recognize as it is split up and put to to speak....(my note - the movie Matrix is a great example of this). We live our lives according to the split up and compartmentalized cubes of false believe systems.

On top of it all, the programming is so sophisticated (and yet so simple) that it actually makes YOU believe that there is no programming, and that you are free to think and be as you wish, and that all that you think you know is something you have thought up all by yourself and on your own. And not just that, but when your system crashes whether it's through death, or mental or emotional breakdown, the invisible programmer blames you as the soul creator of your trauma or breakdown!!!

It is time to WAKE UP everyone, and start taking responsibility for your own hologram you call life!!! This hologram of life and humanity is yours to create, control, enjoy and love through the REALIZATION of your own power....your CONSCIOUSNESS!!!

The only true essence that we all posses on this planet (as well as on other planets) is our consciousness, which is already fragile when we are born as it gets clouded in the 3-dimensional system (as well as other systems). Look at what is going on in this world in this moment, how our consciousness is being contaminated and fragmented into smaller pieces so that we don't recognize and don't realize what we truly are!!!

Look at the pharmaceutical industries and the GMO companies drugging us on such a large scale through antibiotics and vaccinations and contaminated food and water. Look at the chem trails over all major cities created by unmarked white planes. Look at the rigged elections and false money systems. Look at the programmed movie stars and models programming the public into looking and acting in a certain way. Look at the way the internet is being threatened because smaller pieces of consciousness (individual human consciousness) have created a massive piece of consciousness (collective consciousness) through the internet systems. They are trying to separate us again so that the collective consciousness loses it's strength and voice.

It is extremely important that we work hard on keeping our consciousness intact and that we keep working on expanding it through Love and Understanding, through Purity, Justice and Freedom!!!

Our Consciousness is precious, it is the most precious gift you carry besides Love....meaning universal, unconditional love....and as such it is our job to protect it, to keep it in tact on the 3-dimensonal level and to expand it into the next levels of the ultimate consciousness of the All.

With Love & Light,

P.S. This message is coming directly from the All/Source to help us realize what we are and what we need to know at this time.

The angelic realm including archangels Michael, Zyon, Kryon, Metatron, Uriel, Azrael and others were standing by as guards protecting these messages as they were being manifested into this realm and dimension.

The angelic realm wants us to know that we are being protected, watched over and loved. It is with this Love and Support that we will pull through.


Channeled Message From March 29, 2012:


This is the continuation of the event that is going on in space right now. The event itself started several weeks ago now, but the realignment and it's wave-like aftershocks started about a week or so ago, and the symptoms are being felt now.

Due to this event that is happening inter-dimensionally, inter-galactically and inter-universally, our planet and galactic system is receiving some "quantum magnetic waves" due to the changes that have happened within the last month within the universes.

There have been some peace-balancing meetings/treaties (according to the message I have received, that's what these events are usually called within the Galactic Councils) going on within the universes. As these are being resolved in what we would call here on this planet "positively", the quantum magnetic fields through out the universes are shifting and realigning due to the raised consciousness of a part of the multi-universal system.

Now, what is happening is that as one part of the whole universal system changes, it is felt through the rest of the whole system as the rest of the universal system must be realigned to balance this new vibration. And therefore we on this planet are no exception.

The symptoms you may be experiencing by now may almost seem random....spaceyness/lack of self-presentness, forgetting of what one is doing and why (ex. in the middle of a motion, in the middle of telling a story, etc.), absentmindedness, randomness of thought, fogginess, emotional dullness or numbness, change in eating habits, choosing healthier foods, many souls will be choosing to leave this planet hence the increased chances of accidents, feeling as though your timing is off (ex. you have just missed your bus, a green light, walked into an object, almost walked into someone and just barely missed them, etc.), sudden deaths and suicide attempts (now...please keep in mind that the last two apply mostly to people that have already had troubles with health or were going through depression already), random physical injuries (no matter how small or large), sense of being lost, sense of not understanding, guilt over something you can't pinpoint, etc.

All these symptoms have a tendency to feel somewhat dull as if you are not feeling them although you are....I hope this makes

Your angels and guides want you to know that you should be asking for an increased protection from them, and whatever other angelic realms and beings you work with, during this time!!!

These symptoms are going to last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks and then they will start to dissipate. What you will feel afterwards is a new sense of togetherness, sharpness of mind, focus, sense of knowing that you are in the middle of something important, etc.

Also, our time spiral is changing, hence the sense of your timing being off. We are going into a "faster time zone" as everything on this planet is vibrating quicker. It will almost have a centrifugal effect on your body with a strange pressure that is compressing you inwards. You may feel as if you are being pressed into your own self. Now, this means spiritually!!! We are all being pressed towards our inner selves as our consciousness expands to new levels. This is the perfect time to learn about meditation, quietness, self-reflection, etc.

As this quantum magnetic field realigns, the veil between the dimensions will be lifted to a higher degree, or a higher level. The consciousness will expand...through our planet, ourselves and all universes. The crumbling of corrupted systems will strengthen and continue, and political upheavals will reach new levels. And although many may be experiencing fear and doubt during these times, all this is a great thing!!! These are very special times in the history of our planet and all our universes!!

With Love & Light,

The Following Is A Channeled Message I Received From the Angelic Realm on Tuesday March 13, 2012 and Originally Posted on Facebook:


At the risk of sounding very strange, I am strongly guided to share this message here. (Facebook page) It will make more sense to those who know what I do.

I have been feeling very strange for the last couple of weeks or so. I know I have been processing a strong energetic shift...feeling spacey, feeling pressure at the back of my head, and my ears are picking up on something like pressure and sound changes.

Last night as I was watching TV out of the blue I received a message that there is something going on out in space. It is an intergalactic and interdimensional event.

Today, and right now I am receiving messages regarding intergalactic negotiations going on. I see many spaceships from many different places come together. Whatever this event is, it is creating a tension and imbalance throughout the universe.

At this moment there is an established connection between my consciousness and the consciousness of the Arcturians, Zethrians and the archangels....specifically the archangels in the scientific and galactic service (including Michael and Metatron...who wanted to be named specifically).

I am being guided right now to send out this message....that if any of you have been experiencing tension (specially in the head and upper body area), aggravation, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, weakness of body, tension in the front of your head, strange frequencies in your ears (these would be recent and untypical to your usual ear buzzing), feeling of uneasiness, fear, anxiety, etc....these are some of the symptoms due to the events that are happening right now interdimensionally and are NOT caused by the solar flares or any planetary alignments.

The messages from the angels and mystical protectors (as they are calling themselves right now) is....that We Are Being PROTECTED....the angels want us to concentrate on the energy of UNIVERSAL LOVE to bring Peace and Balance to the Universe right now in this moment of your reading this, as it is Crucial and Essential to the Universes well being and balance.

Take a moment right now and from your Heart Chakra project LOVE into the Universe. You can ask you angels to magnify this outpouring of LOVE.

With Blessings & Love,


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